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turkey time

On Saturday, we all started getting ready for Thanksgiving...

We dawned aprons, fired up the broiler and plucker, and spent the day harvesting 44 turkeys that we've been raising for the last couple of months here at the farm. Turkeys that will make their way to homes and tables all over the country.

Although we've done this for a few years now; grown non-GMO, pasture-raised turkeys that we sell the week of Thanksgiving, this is the first time that we also offered the option for folks to come participate in the processing of their family's turkey. And I'm so glad we did. It was not only great fun to do with new people who were excited to learn, but having them help us, make the work we do a good bit easier too. And it always feel good to share what you know with others who are interested in knowing it.

We had a dozen or so people show up, from all around the country. From the very young to the much older, and although most of them had very little (if any) experience processing poultry before, by the end of the day, they were old hats... ready to grow and process their own next year if they want to.

We've now got a whole freezer full of 22 to 25 lb turkeys that are being picked up all this week. I met some nice folks from Michigan who picked theirs up yesterday!

Here's a few favorite moments from this year's turkey harvest day together with new friends...

In the coming year (besides our annual Homestead Festival in June) we're planning to host more small events like this one; along with offering many different homesteading classes, workshops and mini-conferences. Stay tuned for more info...



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