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The FLOG is Back... sort of...

A couple of years ago, I made some videos that I called FLOGS (Farm Vlogs). They were a lot of fun to create and share, but were also tons of work. Since then, a lot of folks have asked me if we were ever going to make more. And so today, we’re starting them back up. But this time around, they’re going to be Festival FLOGs. For the next 30 days, we’ll do our best to make 30 flogs that will share our journey as we countdown the days and prepare for The Homestead Festival on June 3rd and 4th here at our farm.

We’ll share some behind-the-scenes stories about how we managed to get Kevin Costner to come, how we’re gonna fit all these people here in our field, how we made some of our promo videos… and so SO much more.

So here’s the first one, that we’re calling it FLOG #1209… (watch the video to see why).




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