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motherless day

In May 2014, Joey celebrated her first Mother's Day with our two-month-old daughter Indiana. It was a beautiful spring morning as she and Indy cuddled in bed together and 'talked' to each other about the future.

Today, seven years later, we celebrated it and Joey the best we could without her. Again it was a beautiful morning here at our farm.

We had a wonderful small church gathering of friends and neighbors in the big barn, then Indy and I made our way to the cemetery with flowers and a card that she had made for her Mama at school this past week.

Inside the big pink heart, she glued a special picture of her and her Mama.

With an even more special message for her on the back.

For the last five years, it's not the Mother's Day she wishes she could have, or I wish for her, but... she can feel her Mama close to her and so can I. And even though Indy can't see her or tell her how much she loves her in person. I think her Mama knows...

Thankfully, Indiana has lots of wonderful women around her who step in and give her their love and their time and attention. From her big sisters Heidi and Hopie, to my sisters and Joey's sisters and mama, to Mrs. Rebecca and Miss Molly at the school, and so many others who are helping to guide her and shape into who she is and who she's going to be.

It's never the same as getting to grow up with your mother I know, but still, it's good. Really really good. And Indy is doing so well. I think her Mama would be... is... proud of her. I know I am.

Thank you to all the mama's who love our little Indiana, who pray for her and root for her in our community and all over the country, even though many have never even met her. And to all the mothers everywhere who pour their hearts and lives into their children and sometimes the children of others. I hope your Mother's Day today is filled with much love and gratefulness for all you do and are.



We were in your concert on May 8th and you let Indy show us the special card she made for her momma. My heart was sad for both of you but it was a special moment for me to be there for that! Bless you for the life you are living for Indy!


Just amazing the love that was is and shall always be.... truly a treasure from above


Oh my goodness that video of Joey and Indy is so precious. There is nothing sweeter than a baby cooing. So nice to have those videos I am sure. I love your family and your channel. Thanks for sharing all the good stuff.


Jody is so so proud of you Rory for the way you are raising her/your precious daughter Indy. With Indy's Sisters and Aunts, Grandparents all the Friends who is supporting you God knew what He was doing taking Joey from You's. That card Indy made for her mommy was so so precious, I sure Jody is the proudest Mom in Heaven. I pray for you guys every day and think of how lucky Indy is having a dad like you. Love you guys to pieces. Say Hi to everyone.

Theresa from Oshawa Ontario Can.


What a wonderful mother´s day card Indy has made to her mom. I truly believe our loved ones who live in heaven, is much closer than what we can imagine. I believe Indy´s mother is very proud of her amazing daughter. Indy is truly a precious treasure! If parents were more like you, the world would be much better and more like the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lots of love and blessings to your family!

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