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'grand' mother goose

It is springtime here at the farm and everything is coming to life. The iris and azaleas are blooming and there are new babies everywhere. Some of the first ones to arrive were day-old baby goslings. They are for the children at the schoolhouse to raise and care for as they grow. When Indy's grandma June was in town recently, we took her out to see them at the school's brooder house. She has raised lots of geese on her farm in Indiana and before long, had them in a little box in her arms, headed to the farmhouse to 'mama' the babies. She told Indy that one of the first things their mama would've done was to give them a bath, so... that's what we did.

Grandma took Indy's toys out of the bathtub and filled it with water and proceeded to gently set them in, one by one.

At first, I'm not sure they knew what to think about the water. But within a few minutes, they were diving and swimming all over the place.

It was fun to watch them swim and play. Almost as much fun as watching Mom and Indy watch them.

Once bath time was over, it was time to warm them up... so Grandma June gathered them together in a towel in her arms...

And cuddled them close, like their Mama would have done. Pretty soon they had stopped making noise and were quiet and happy in Grandma's shirt.

It's a precious thing to see our older generation teach our younger generation new things. And to see how these little ones (Indy and the baby geese) transform us all into little ones ourselves again.

PS... there are some sweet clips in our "That's Important To Me" music video that we filmed more than ten years ago (April 1st, 2010), of Joey with some new little goslings she was raising. It's a wonderful thing to have that day captured forever for us to look back on, much like this one... seeing those baby goslings imprint with Joey back then, and today, seeing Indy 'imprinting' with her grandmama June.


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How Wonderful! I think it’s great to grow up on a farm with animals. I hope to be able to buy my own house in a few years. Love and blessings from Rika!

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