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Little Huck

'Little Huck, the water duck wasn't like the others...'

And so begins the story of Little Huck, my new children's book that is just now being released all around the country. It's a wonderful little story and book about facing the thing that scares us most, and becoming what we were born to be.

The release of this one is a little different than my first couple of kids books, because instead of it being in bookstores all across the country, this one is in thousands of small boutique stores that sell children's clothes. As a matter of fact, the new book is part of a larger line of baby and toddler's onesies, blankets, bibs and other items that have Little Huck on them. You can find the new book and all the other clothes online HERE.

It's a partnership with a wonderful children's clothing company called Milkbarn where I write books based on swatches of their new product line. This is actually the second book I've done for them. The first one was called The Little Rooster and you can learn more about that book and all the little outfits that go with it HERE.

I love it, because it let's me be creative and also part of a larger vision, and instead of my books only being in bookstores, it's fun to be walking through a shop in Jackson Hole or Bozeman, Montana or the Peabody Hotel in Memphis and see them on display in really unique settings and stores.

If you'd like to read or listen to the whole 'Little Huck' story, here's a little video we made yesterday of me reading the new book...

I've written four children's books now and it's hard to pick a favorite. They are all special to me for different reasons. But I think this one speaks to me personally in a inspirational way. And the artwork is really sweet too. An artist from California named Haley Hunt did all the illustrations.

I've actually never met Haley, but tomorrow evening, I'll finally get to. At 6 pm, in a charming little shop on the square in downtown Columbia (about a block from Marcy Jo's Muletown) called Lily Jane, we'll both be doing a special book signing, where folks can come by and get a copy of the new book signed by Haley and myself, and also check out some of the little outfits and clothes that go with it. It's fall and the leaves are full of color and it's going to be a fun 'First Friday' evening where lots of fun things are going on on the square.

If you can't make it to the event, but would like a signed copy of the new book, we have them in our online bookstore here at the farm HERE.



I would like autographed copies of all your story books. This is a grand thing for you to do; for Indy, for you, and the memory of your loved one who has long been gone. I sit here looking at your pictures, reading about the book line from Milkbarn, and they pool tears in my eyes that swell up from my heart with happy thoughts. Laugh, Love, and live; that's what you and little Indy are now doing. You're so blessed. This makes me want to get going on my stories and poetry with some company like Milkbarn! Who knows, like for you, maybe it can happen for me if with just a spoonful of faith, a pinch of sincerit…


Your book is divine. I love it to bits. Thank you for sharing your talent. I just know this one has such a special meaning. Hugs and love to you and your loved ones. God bless !

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