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a frank conversation

Next weekend, I get to host a series of talks we’re calling a “frank conversation” at Music Ranch Montana. Joining me will be Jimmy Fortune, Paul Overstreet, and a special Saturday night interview with my friend Joel Salatin. Last summer we got to visit Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia, which is owned and run by Joel. As I’ve said before, I think it’s fairly safe to say that Joel is one of the most famous and influential farmers in America, possibly around the world. His methods for creating a sustainable farming business, his efforts to teach others how to have their own, and his defense for small farmers and farms here in the U.S. is legendary.

It should make for some interesting evenings.

You too can join in by watching the live stream on Facebook and YouTube at 7:30 PM MT | 8:30 PM CT | 9:30 PM ET. The schedule is listed below.

Wednesday, July 22nd with Jimmy Fortune

Thursday, July 23rd with Paul Overstreet

Friday, July 24th with Rory Feek (hosted by Gabe McCauley)

Saturday, July 25th with Joel Salatin



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