behind the scenes of Josephine

After two months in Virginia, we’re finally back home in Tennessee enjoying a wonderful, rainy week at our farm.  Joey’s garden is tilled and planted, our chickens are in full production and little Indiana is learning new things every day.  She’s now 15 months old and though she can pull herself around a little by her arms, she still hasn’t discovered that she has legs.  So while some little ones at her age are “walkers”, or “crawlers”... our little Indy is still a “sitter”.  That’s good for us.  It means more time with her in our laps and arms.  She will be mobile soon enough, and mama and papa will spend the rest of our lives following after her.
As for the movie… the filming has been completed.  It is “in the can” as they say.  Actually, it’s on a hard-drive right here next to me.  I’m planning to spend the summer here in the barn editing the film.  Myself and a couple other guys on our team will be working for the next few months on editing, sound-mixing, coloring, creating a movie soundtrack and a hundred other things –  hoping to have the final film ready to submit to Sundance in September or to take down some other path that this movie leads us.  As I sit here looking through all the beautiful footage we shot, I’m humbled by a number of things:

First off – how hard this has been.  Getting the whole production together and accomplishing the filming of the movie has been the most difficult thing that I, and most of my friends, have ever done.  The stress we all felt was immense (I thought I was going to have a heart-attack a couple times…we hardly slept… and we barely got everything shot in the amount of time and money that we had available to us).  It literally came down to the last second, of last minute of the last hour of the day most days.. but somehow, we did it.

Secondly and more importantly – is how incredible this experience has been.  It’s been the single most rewarding and beautiful creative thing I’ve ever been part of.  Dozens of people – actors and crew from all over the country – came together to work on a story that that they loved and believed in… a story that Aaron and I dreamed up in our heads.   Since late March, together we restored a run-down farmstead, built a train-car and a slave cabin, created tent-cities and burned down a plantation (through movie magic) and it was all in service of one woman and her pursuit to find the man she loved.  I don’t know what the outcome of our film will be – whether it’ll get to play in theaters, or go straight to DVD or online.  Whether it will make any money or our investor will see any profit.  But I know that it’s already been SO, SO, SO worth it to me.   I’m forever changed by Josephine’s story…and bring part of the story of bringing her story to life.

And lastly, I’m incredibly humbled that somehow, we raised over $120,000 during our 30 day Kickstarter campaign.  Thank you to everyone who pledged, or prayed or just smiled when they watched our Kickstarter video.   It all makes a difference.  And the money we’ve raised will help us turn all these files on this hard-drive into a real, live movie.  A movie we will have all made together.

Besides our film crew, there were a number of folks with cameras there in Virginia helping us document the whole experience…  James Edmunds, Stephanie Richer, Casey Pierce, Aaron Carnahan, Keith Hunley and many others.  Below is a video I put together from the images that came from their cameras and iPhones.  It’s a small glimpse “behind the scenes” of the making of the movie Josephine.