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This CD/DVD collection features 20 songs and musical performances that brought out the best in these sweethearts’ lives and careers with liner notes from Rory.

This DVD includes a tour of the farm, acoustic performances by Rory and an interview with Bill Gaither that captures Rory's ever-inspiring story of hope.

Track List (for both items):

  1. To Do What I Do
  2. Heart of the Wood (Live)
  3. Teaching Me How to Love You
  4. Indiana Home (Live)
  5. Life of a Song
  6. That's Important to Me (Live)
  7. A Bible and a Belt
  8. Your Man Loves You Honey
  9. If I Needed You
  10. In the Garden
  11. It Is Well With My Soul
  12. In the Time That You Gave Me
  13. When I'm Gone
  14. Hammerin' Nails
  15. Where Jesus Is
  16. A Little More Country Than That (Live)
  17. My Life Is Based On a True Story
  18. Jesus Loves Me
  19. Born to be Your Woman
  20. A Place In the Clouds

Joey+Rory The Singer and the Song Combo

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