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wives and midwives

Joey loves her midwife. There’s a special bond between her and Pamela that has taken place over the last 9 months and even more so over the last two weeks. Pamela has inspired Joey and I think Joey has in turn inspired Pamela. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Our midwife Pamela Hunt came again today to check on Indy. It’s a Saturday, and I think this is her 6th visit here in a dozen or so days. I don’t think she normally makes this many trips to check on babies, an hour each way, on a weekend… but for Joey and Indy she does.

Maybe she’s made these extra trips out to check on us because Indy is special. In the 30 something years that she’s been delivering babies, she said she’s never delivered a baby with Down Syndrome before. Or maybe she comes because Joey is special to her. Joey tried so hard to be as strong and positive and beautiful during our baby’s birth as Pamela was in the Birth Story documentary that Joey and I watched… and I think Joey was. But I think, the main reason Pamela has come to check on us so much, is because Pamela is special. She has a heart like no one we’ve ever met. She’s good, and wholesome, and genuine and real. And when you’re laying your life and the life of your unborn baby in someone’s hands… it’s soft and gentle hands like Pamela’s that make my wife look back on her home-birthing-a-breech-baby-with-no-drugs-at-all experience, and say “I love, love, loved having my baby at home naturally. Everyone should do this!”

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