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what love tastes like

For the past two days Joey has been baking. And baking. And baking. She knew I was supposed to have been in Las Vegas this week for CES, but because of the broken pipes here at the farm I couldn’t go. And she knows that my favorite restaurant there is called Monami Gabi. And she know that they have this specific croissant breakfast sandwich there that I love. Anyway, a couple days ago she decided to figure out how to make “Monami’s croissant sandwich” homemade for me. So she looked at a picture of the sandwich (that Heidi sent us, she’s out there right now) and she went to the store and bought the ingredients to make it. The big thing was learning how to make croissants. She’d never made them before.

She found a recipe online, and started in. It turns out… they’re a ton of work and take a long time to make. She’s been following the directions for the past two days and finally finished them this morning. My first image when I woke up this morning and walked down the stairs… was her at her hoosier cabinet getting the croissants ready to go in the oven. She said she just couldn’t sleep because she was so excited to get up and have them ready for me.

To say I loved the croissants (she gave me a chocolate filled one as an appetizer!) and the sandwich is a huge understatement. I absolutely love love love love loved it! Even better than the one at the restaurant in Vegas. And I was sure to tell her so. Many times.

Yes, this is what love tastes like.


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