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I've had the privilege to be on the TODAY Show a few times over the years, but this time was a bit different. Better in some ways.

From time to time, when you write a new book or make a film or something else creative, you end up doing press for its release. In years past, Joey and I would often find ourselves in New York City or LA, doing interviews, radio, and TV spots. It's usually a whirlwind, doing as many different things as your publicist can arrange in the short amount of time you're there.

And since my new album came out this week, it's been a week of interviews and events celebrating the record release. And one of them was to appear on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna. I'd met and spent time with Jenna Bush back in 2018 when she came to the farm, interviewed me, and took a tour of the schoolhouse the week it opened. It was wonderful to see and talk with her again and get to 'meet' and talk with Hoda too. But this time, since much of the Big Apple is still not open, we had to do the segment via Zoom with me here, and them there.

Fortunately our dear friends the Wolavers' have a beautiful soundstage at their farm outside of Columbia, where their family makes a children's television series. They already had a barn set lit and pretty much ready to go, so we did the segment live from our little community to their big one.

My friend Matt, who co-produced the album with Ben Isaacs, played and sang with me, as did Gretchen Wolaver, who is prolific on pretty much any instrument you put in her hands. Here's the piece from the TODAY SHOW.

Indy was there too, playing with a baby doll in a chair right in front of us, just below one of the cameras pretty much unimpressed with what was happening, but giving Papa a big thumbs up and smile from time to time.

After the taping was over, Indy and I drove to town and sat with Matt outside Muletown Coffee and basked in the sunshine and the moment that God had given us. We held up our coffees and toasted and talked about how amazing it's been to make this record and finally get to share it. To see something so special to us, coming to life, and wondering where this little collection of songs might lead us... who's hearts or lives might be touched by one or more of them.

Thank you to Jenna and Hoda and all the folks at the TODAY Show for having me on and the opportunity to share a song with people all around the world. But even more than that, to have the chance to share such a big moment, with people I love and care about here in our little town.




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