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talent show

This kids’ last day at the schoolhouse, before starting Spring break was this past Friday. And so to celebrate, they held their first-ever Spring talent show in the concert hall, where each of them got to pick a song, do a dance, or showcase some other passion or gift with the audience.

They’d been practicing for a couple of weeks and were all so excited, especially Indiana, who chose her mama’s song “Sweet Emmylou” to sing by herself and also another, called “The Flute Song” for me and Ms. Rebecca to sing with her.

"Sweet Emmylou" is one of Indy’s favorite songs that Joey and I recorded, and she’s been so excited to stand on stage and sing it. "The Flute Song" is an old folk tune that is sung in a ‘round,’ where one person sings one part again and again, and then the second person starts in, then the third. It was lots of fun to practice and though a bit of a train wreck, she loved it and I think the audience did too.

The other kiddos from school did lots of fun stuff too. There were lots of great singing and dancing from all the kids. Leona did a piano solo and little Caleb did one-arm pushups while Rocky music played. Poppy and Ella showed off their math memorization skills and at the end all the children sang “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound Of Music, while Ms. Heather led them from below the stage.

And for fun, I sang “Kansas City’ from the Broadway show Oklahoma, while Zach, along with Seth from our creative team, donned cowboy hats and tap danced. All in an effort to do something that we wouldn’t normally ever do, for the kid's big day.

Here’s a quick little recap video from the show…

I think it was a big hit for the kids, and for the parents, and I’m pretty sure the children are already making plans for what they want to do next year.



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