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seven years ago today

Seven years ago today, May 17, 2012... my wife Joey and I made a very special music video.

It was for a song that we’d loved and recorded called “When I’m Gone” that a good friend of Joey’s named Sandy Lawrence had written. In the video, we imagined a world where I was alone living here in our farmhouse and Joey was buried in the grove of sassafras trees in our backfield.

Three and a half years later, in March of 2016, that video would come true. Every word of it. Only instead of me being left here alone at our farm, I would have our two-year-old little girl Indiana by my side.

I recently came across a “making ‘When I’m Gone,’ a ”behind-the-scenes video that we had put together for a TV show we were creating around the same time when we filmed the music video. And in the segment, Joey and I were interviewed and reflecting on making such a powerful music video and what it meant to us at the time. We had no idea what it would mean to us and so many others a few short years later.

Earlier this week, we put those two video clips together and it’s incredible to look back and see how God’s hand was upon us that day in seven years ago. And how His hand is upon us still. All of us. Writing a story with our lives that we look back on someday through tears of pain and joy, and find ourselves in complete and total awe of.


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