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reading Ina May

We don’t sleep in the same bed anymore.

Not because we don’t want to… but because at this stage of her pregnancy, Joey has to spend most nights on the recliner, just to be comfortable. I don’t mind though.

For her, the nights are difficult at times, and I really can’t help her, other than support her in any way I can. Most evenings I find her reading a book in our recliner (that used to be mine ‘til it became her bed).

My wife’s never really been a reader. I read quite a bit, but that’s not something Joey would normally do. She’s more of a “do“er than a “read“er. But since the pregnancy, she’s reading a few books at the same time.

On her nightstand are a number of different books…some of them are “The Power of a Praying Wife” which she has loved, and two books by Ina May Gaskin: “Birth Story” and “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.” Since she discovered the option of home birth, she has been so excited to learn all she can.

She wants to be brave and calm when the baby comes, and not be afraid. She wants to just let her body do what it was naturally made to do. She’s excited about not having any medications or doctors or hospital as part of the birth process. Having our baby at our home is her goal.

I’m so proud of her. To me, she’s already been incredibly brave just to head down this path. I know she’s going to do great and it’s gonna be an amazing thing to watch her and be by her side when our baby is born.



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