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little schoolhouse on the prairie

Just a few days before the kids went on their Christmas break, the schoolhouse here at the farm held a special "Little House On The Prairie Day." All the children dressed up like it was the late 1800's and so did Mrs. Rebecca and a number of the parents. The kids got to do lots of things just like they would have done back in when Laura Ingalls Wilder was a little girl. And Daniel Faulks came and played fiddle so they (we) could dance and have a big time out by the fire pit together.

And to top the day off, the kids got to see the school's brand new, old school bus. Russell (Russdriver) and I flew to California a couple weeks ago to pick it up and bring it home. And then get new Hardison Mill Homestead School lettering on the side in time for the big day. We're calling the bus "Miss Dottie" in honor of the Miss Dottie Frist who made it possible for us to have a special activities and field-trip bus for the school.

Here's our Little Schoolhouse on the Prairie day condensed into just over ten minutes...

I'd like thank Aaron Thomas and Brandon Vestal for shooting and for putting this special video together.



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