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joey’s favorite holiday

I love Christmas. I start talking about it and getting ready for it in about June every year. Something about it changes me. Makes me remember what’s most important. Snaps things back into the proper perspective for a season. So I try to make that season last as long as possible. I think most people are probably that way about Christmas. But Christmas isn’t my wife Joey’s favorite holiday, nor is Thanksgiving, or Valentines day or any of the other most popular holidays – she’s all about… Easter.

Joey gets so excited to watch the grass, the trees and our farm start springing back to life after a long, cold winter. It’s finally time for baby chicks, ducks and goslings to be born, dandelions to pop up, the sun to shine and the sweet rains to come. And it’s time to start planting for the harvest that we won’t see until this fall.

But above everything else, my wife loves Easter because it’s the day set aside to celebrate that Jesus has risen… that He went through all He went through for her. She cries when she thinks of Easter and all that it means to her. When I see those tears in her eyes, it makes me wonder if maybe we should all love Easter as much as my wife does.

So this past Sunday was Joey’s special day. But she shared it with all of us. And what a glorious day it was…

Though we spent the day in our front yard making wonderful memories with family and friends… I’m humbly reminded by her that it’s really all about Him.

* “I Surrender All’ is performed by Tim Menzies. I love this song and I love his version. You can find it at



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