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internet in heaven

A couple of weeks ago, we took a family trip to Alaska. We were actually part of a music cruise with some other wonderful country music artists and fans that were on the ship too. Although my wife and I are taking this year off from touring and playing shows, we were booked to perform on this cruise long before we knew a baby was coming or we made plans to take time off. So we all went and made a family vacation out of it. Me, Joey, Indy, Heidi, Hopie, Joey’s mama June, our niece Magen and the kids’ good friend Kenzie all boarded a flight on the 18th of July and got home the night of the 26th. We did perform a couple of songs on stage and during one of the songs “If I Needed You,” we brought little Indiana out and Joey sang to her. It was precious. The scenery was breathtaking and the whole trip was incredibly special for all of us.

I made this video for my blog a day or two after we got back, but my mother got sick and I never got the chance to post it. Then on the 30th, she passed away and it just didn’t seem right to share something that was filled with so much joy at a time when my family was hurting and grieving the loss of someone we love so much.

Mom has been gone a dozen days now and I still am now sure what to write or say about it. I think, like some of my siblings, I’m still trying to fully process what has taken place. I do know that my mother loved to smile and laugh and that in the end, she wanted us to celebrate her life and not mourn it. The day after we got home from the cruise, Mom had asked me to show her some pics or videos from our trip to Alaska when I had them ready, so I had brought this over to her house to show her the morning she passed away, but of course, she never got to see it.

I sure hope they have internet in heaven.



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