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indiana with an e

Indy’s favorite show is called “Anne With An E .” It’s a new Canadian tv series that has found its way to Netflix, and in time, our house.

The show is a reboot of the original Anne Of Green Gables books from the early 1900’s that has been beloved for generations. The first season of the show came out a couple years ago and we’ve probably watched it a dozen times together. Most of our neighbors and friends have too. The old farmhouse they live in, the one-room schoolhouse that Anne goes to, and so many other things... feel like a simpler time that most of us not only dream of, but are in some small ways, trying to bring back to life more than a century later.

Though I now have a job making tv shows and our family has even been part of one or two, Indy and I don’t spend much time watching tv. We’ve not even had a tv in the house for most of the last twenty yearsso besides the Disney DVDs that I let Indy watch, this series and a few things like it are special to us.

They’re not just entertainment and a way of forgetting our burdens for awhile, they’re inspirational. They can help remind us of the power of family, faith and community. For Indy, I think she just loves Anne’s big smile and personality and all her friends and Marilla and Matthew. Indy even has a hat that she calls her “Anne E” hat. She wears it all the time and is so darn cute.

She loves to pretend that she’s Anne and that I’m Matthew, which is more than okay with me, since Matthew (who with his sister Marrilla) adopts Anne and they become the family that they’ve all been missing. He is a special, special character and I secretly want to be more like him in real life anyway.

A few days ago, the 3rd, and last, season of the show became available to stream. So the next couple of evenings, after bath time and jammies are on, I know where we’ll be...



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