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grandpa jack

Joey's daddy came to visit from Indiana this past weekend and spent a few days here at the farm with us. It had been some time since he'd made the trip down to Tennessee, so it was wonderful to get to be with him.

Indy especially loved being with her grandpa. He's the only grandfather she has, as my father passed away in 1988, and she so loves spending time with him.

He got here in time to come with me to the Muletown In The Round show on Thursday evening and then on Friday he got to be in the audience for a Larry's Country Diner tv taping that I was part of. Like me, Jack is a big country music fan and loved watching the tapings and getting to meet and visit with some of the cast members.

On Saturday morning, Indy and I took grandpa out for a special breakfast to Soda Pop Junction in the town of Lynnville, about 30 minutes away from our farm. If you've never been there, that little cafe and the whole little town beside a railroad track is a really neat place to go and spend some time.

After breakfast, Indy showed him all the nice leather goods and hats at Col. Littleton's store next door.

Later, after we got back home... he went to spend some special time with someone else he came here to see too.

He lost his only son to a car accident when Justin was only 17, so losing Joey at such a young age has been really hard on him.

Although Joey's been gone now almost 5 years, I still call him Dad. And I try to take Indy 'home' to Indiana to be with her mama's family as much as I can. I still feel like the farmhouse Joey grew up in is my home and her family is my family. Time and distance hasn't changed that for me. And they still welcome me as one of their family.

In the early mornings, Dad and I sat by the fire in the kitchen and talked about life and caught up on all the family in Indiana and I caught him up on our family and things that are happening here at our place.

Pretty soon, Indy would wake up and join us.

It was a special weekend with a special man. Thank you Dad for coming to be with us.

We love you.



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