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down by the riverside

It’s been over two weeks now since Joey’s surgery and she’s really doing great. She’s pretty much back to her normal self – doing what she loves to do…. homemaking, spending time in the garden and being a mommy.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove down to the river with some friends, family and all of our kids. It’s just a short ride through our neighbor’s back field and two cattle-gates to get there. The weather was beautiful and the water was perfect. It was so much fun watching the kids of all ages (us grownups included) splash and play together. We’ve lived here in our farmhouse next to Duck River for fifteen years, but can’t tell you when, if ever, we’ve spent time wading and swimming in it with friends. We’ve canoed down the river and we’ve fished it dozens of times or more, but never really spent an afternoon like this one. I’m not exactly sure who’s idea it was, but it was sure a good one. I think our little Indy loved it as much as Joey and I did. Our neighbors Gabe and Mandy had some friends from church over, and Joey’s sister Julie and her kids were here visiting from Indiana, so it made for a wonderful memory that I didn’t want to forget. So I brought along an iPad and using the 8mm app, shot a few video clips to help us remember our day…



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