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Our movie Finding Josephine comes out in stores today and Indy and I made a special trip to Walmart to get a copy...

It’s an incredibly special day for all of us who’ve worked so hard on the movie all these years. And though my name is on the front of the DVD, there are so many others who deserve their names there too. Friends who have worked tirelessly since 2015 (and before) to bring this story to life.

We took this photo at the premiere last Sunday night at our farm. It’s me with some of the people who ‘behind-the-scenes’ are responsible for this dream coming to reality... Russ ‘Russdriver’ Brisby, Gabe McCauley, Aaron Carnahan, Linds Edwards, Daniel Grace, Heidi Feek, and Bryan Allen. Each one of them put their heart and soul, and life into this project. And if you ask them, they’ll each tell you, making this movie has changed them. It’s changed all of us. It was the most terrifying, rewarding thing any of us have ever done.

And we did it together, and that’s the best part.

But I especially want to thank this guy. My cousin and best friend Aaron.

Today’s his birthday, and it’s no accident that the film comes out in stores today. I believe it’s God’s timing. The truth is that none of this would ever be if it wasn’t for Aaron.

Behind the scenes, he has stood beside me through thick and thin. From helping Joey and me grow a music career at home, create a TV show in the barn, take a year off to simplify our lives, have our baby at home, walk the halls of cancer hospitals from Chicago to Georgia, say goodbye to Joey in Indiana, bring our little Indiana back home to Tennessee, and somehow find life again. Then, when the timing was right... Aaron helped me find my way back onto a stage and in the spotlight. And during all of those things, he was co-writing and making a movie with me. This movie.

And that’s just in the past six or seven years. Aaron’s actually been standing beside me for decades. This was he and me on the day I left home to join the Marines, thirty-five years ago.

Thank you Aaron. This day is for you.

I love you.


For the last couple of days, knowing that our movie was coming out soon... I’ve been pouring through old pictures taken during our time in Virginia filming in 2015. Thinking about the fun moments, and the really hard ones. Like in the pic below. This was taken just after filming probably one of the toughest scenes in the movie. But somehow, it was still filled with love and light.

But just seeing photos of that time doesn’t even begin to share what it was like to actually be there and be part of making the movieto be in the moment in the picture above and so many others. Fortunately, our team put together a wonderful ‘making of’ feature that captures what it was like, behind-the-scenes, to make the movie. And the journey that we’ve been on to get to today.

Thank you again to everyone who tuned in to watch the film during the online premiere and also the encore showing that aired last night. And thank you also to everyone who finds their way to Walmart and brings our movie home to share with friends and family.

Thank you for supporting our hopes and dreams.

Stream "Finding Josephine" via Amazon prime here, or purchase the DVD here.


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