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an evening of hope

On our anniversary, in June 2015, I walked into the back bedroom at our farmhouse and found my pretty bride crying. Well actually, she was laughing so hard, she was crying. She was reading a book called "Love Does" by Bob Goff and one of the stories he told about the first time he waited tables brought great Joey to her, in a time that she, and we, needed it. This is that moment...

That was during a very difficult time for her, and the beginning of an even more difficult next nine months, filled with surgeries, chemo and radiation and ultimately, saying goodbye. And yet, that morning, when I should’ve walked in the bedroom here at the farmhouse and found my wife filled fear... instead, I found her laughing. Filled with nothing but joy, in a moment of great sadness. All because of this guy Bob; a man that neither Joey or I actually knew.

Over the next couple of years, I was blessed with the opportunity to meet Bob, and spend some time with him. I shared a story about it here on the blog in June 2018

Fast forward to today and Bob and I have become good friends. I've been to some of his events and even to his house in San Diego a year or so back... but now, for the first time he's coming to ours.

I'm so excited that next Friday, May 6th, Bob is coming to be our guest speaker at our yearly fundraising dinner for the Homestead School. He's going to tour Indiana's school and see all that God has done and is doing there. That evening in the concert hall, I'll share some of the school's history and future goals, and Bob is going to be sharing some of his story and talk about his new book "Undistracted." Before he speaks, there will be more schoolhouse tours and a really nice catered dinner for everyone who attends.

I hope you can come join us for this special moment in our lives where the past, the present and our future are coming together in one evening. You can find out more info and purchase your tickets HERE.

If you can't join us, but would like to make a donation to the schoolhouse, that would be a blessing too. You can do that on their website HERE. Since the school is part of the non-profit Love Is A Gift Inc, all the tickets sales and money raised is tax deductible.



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