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a prayer for cancer

There are few words scarier than the word “cancer.” In our culture these days, we usually think that’s as bad as it can get. But when you hear a doctor say the words “the cancer’s come back”… it’s a whole new level of scary.

Last yearthis exact time last year actuallyJoey went into surgery for cervical cancer. The doctors felt like they got everything and after a few weeks of healing, she made a full recovery. And now here we are again, faced with a similar situation.

Over the last couple of months, Joey hasn’t been feeling well. She had hoped that it was just a stomach virus or an intestinal issue, but after many tests and biopsies, it turns out that it was more than that.

On Thursday, Joey had a port put in for chemotherapy and radiation. She starts the treatments in the coming week.

Here’s what the doctors think…

With six weeks of chemo and radiation, the tumor may reduce in size and possibly even go away completely, and if so, she won’t have to have any further surgeries. If the chemo and radiation don’t work as they hope, Joey will be in for an even tougher road ahead.

Here’s what Joey and I know…

God has a plan, and His plan is our plan. Each day that we’re given is a beautiful gift from Him to us. And while we will pray each day for a miracle, we’re gonna live each day as if it’s a miracle. And it is.

“Lord, as believers… we trust you completely and pray for your will to be done. Not ours.

But as flesh and bone, husband and wife… we pray for complete and total healing in Joey’s body, so we can grow old together, holding hands in rockers on our porch and watching the sun go down.

So that our sweet little baby Indiana can not miss one precious moment with her mama.

Amen. Amen. Amen.”


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