a mighty wind

Last night just before dark, a big storm came blowing through our back field. Hard rain and straight-lined winds of over 60 mph came in all of a sudden and left just about as quickly. I was in Alabama with my girls at the time, so fortunately I wasn’t here at the farm when the bad weather came through.

When we got back home later in the evening, we were barely able to get up our driveway, there were so many downed tree limbs and so much debris everywhere. The power in our neighborhood had been knocked out, so we lit candles and Indy climbed in bed with her Papa. It was actually kind of fun.

This morning I woke up to find the wind had knocked Joey’s ‘potty shed’ over...


And brought lots of limbs down in the front yard...


and the back yard...


A big tree was down beside the schoolhouse...


and a couple more behind it...


The laundry that had been on the clothesline was scattered in the back yard...


and the benches in the cemetery were toppled over...


Next door, three trees were snapped-in-half in front of my sister Marcy’s house...


All in all though, it could have been so much worse.

Joey’s best friend Julie flew in yesterday to be here to help with the concerts this weekend and as she and Indy came outside and headed to the schoolhouse this morning, Indy looked at all the trees down and the crooked pergola by the door and said, “it’s okay Papa... it happens sometimes.”

Yes little one, it sure does.


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